Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is one of the kingpins of corporate communication in a global business world.

Mobile broadband is one of the kingpins of corporate communication in a global business world.

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Mobile broadband – your way

Extend your revenue potential with 4G mobile broadband with fast internet access for laptops, smartphones and tablets. You can tailor your 4G mobile broadband services to keep pace with evolving user needs, including stable 24/7 access to corporate networks in any size or type of business.

What it is

4G is the successor of the 3G standards. 4G provides fast mobile broadband internet access to laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices. 4G mobile broadband includes several offerings to keep pace with the customers' demands.

Nominal and expected speeds:

How it works

SP 4G Mobile Broadband offers a fast mobile data service that can be tailored to any size of business.

  • Faster internet access than most fixed connections
  • Faster processing of large amounts of data on a wireless connection
  • More stable wireless connection to the corporate network
  • Fast upload/download
  • Video conferencing on the go with HD quality option
  • Live streaming of news services etc.
  • Uninterrupted streaming of HD movies
  • White label 4G USB dongles
  • White label firmware dongles

What you get

SP 4G Mobile Broadband gives you a wide range of opportunities to increase your revenues by offering a service that keeps pace with the demands of growing businesses in all industries and of any size.

  • Mobile data up to 80 Mbit/s upload and 40 Mbit/s download, 3G voice, voicemail, SMS and MMS, international roaming
  • Traffic control to avoid bill shock
  • Entirely flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of you and your customers
  • Denmark's best 4G network and the best in the Nordics
  • Technical support

Mere information

Download our wholesale brochure

Download our wholesale brochure

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