Convergence Products

Convergence Products

For the user, convergence means the melting together of handheld devices so that anyone can be contacted anywhere and at any time on whatever type of device he or she may be using.

For the user, convergence means the melting together of handheld devices so that anyone can be contacted anywhere and at any time on whatever type of device he or she may be using.

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Direct access - your way

The IP-based Virtual PBX solution integrates the mobile and fixed networks without hardware or cabling at the premises of your corporate customers. The Virtual PBX offers the option to switch calls between smartphone and IP phone without interruption Your corporate customers get direct access to the right people – a critical part of a successful business. Let your corporate customers assign a single contact number and voice mailbox for each employee, regardless of where they are and the device they are using.

What it is?

An SP Virtual PBX or Hosted PBX solution offers IP-based PBX solutions to Service Providers enabling end customers to set up their PBX to treat a mobile phone as a PBX extension with no new hardware or cabling. Ideal solution for remote office, users, small businesses and home offices.

How it works

Incoming fixed line and mobile calls are directed to each of the user's devices using the user's single number. Outgoing calls are identified by the user's single number, regardless of which device is used, and directed via the SP Virtual or Hosted PBX (fixed phone and softphone) and the Telia network to their destination

The software bridges fixed phone and mobile phone services to enable:

  • a single phone number and voicemail box per user
  • virtual extensions that extend PBX capabilities to mobile smartphones
  • switch without interruption during calls between a smartphone, fixed phone from any network socket in the company, and a softphone requiring only a PC with internet connection and a headset.


What you get

SP Virtual PBX Services offer a high-quality PBX solution with a value proposition that helps your customers save time, significantly reduce the size of their capital investment, and enhance their level of service by making their employees more accessible.
Telia takes care of the technical development and maintenance of your Virtual PBX platform, letting you focus on marketing and selling your solutions.

  • White label PBX solutions allows you to add your own brand and design to the service
  • Seamless service between fixed and mobile networks
  • Single number regardless of device that saves time and enhances service
  • Scalable solution.

Direct mobile access – your way

Fixed Mobile Convergence enables you to provide Unified Communications to your corporate customers, eliminating the differences between fixed and mobile networks and enabling you to provide advanced single number services to each corporate employee. You can help your corporate customers ensure rapid decision processes, regardless of where their employees are in the world and the handheld device, headset, laptop or tablet they are using.

What it is

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) finally removes the differences between fixed and mobile networks. It will provide a superior customer experience by creating seamless services using a combination of fixed broadband and mobile network to meet customers in their homes, offices and on the go.

The FMC Service is available in Denmark only.

How it works

A SIP connection is established between the Service Provider and Telia to route all traffic.
The size of the connection is based on an individual assessment of traffic volumes and number of subscribers

All voice calls to and from the Service Provider are passed back and forth via the SIP connection. Once the traffic reaches the Service Provider's PBX or switchboard, the Service Provider determines how it should be handled. All traffic except traffic going to the Service Provider's own platform (switchboard or PBX) is routed back to Telia who terminates it accordingly. This allows the Service Provider to use a one number concept and change the A-number presentation. A special routing prefix is allocated to the Service Provider, and the traffic is marked to determine whether it is local, national, international or terminating.

What you get

SP Fixed Mobile Convergence offers a simple, flexible and secure fixed/mobile solution enabling you to offer an advanced "one number" service for each subscriber.

  • A simple and secure solution
  • Simple subscriber administration and expansion
  • Control of A-number presentation
  • Access to mobile phone status at all times
  • A call plan determining the fixed and mobile numbers connected in the one-number concept