IP - your way

IP - your way

All types and sizes of companies are now using IP telephony together with an increasing number of private subscribers.

All types and sizes of companies are now using IP telephony together with an increasing number of private subscribers.

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Top IP service quality – your way

The Telia international IP backbone is designed to handle the toughest network demands. Our IP transit service sends your IP traffic quickly into the internet without bottlenecks and dreary network delays, enabling you to promise your clients the best internet-based services available on the market.

Fibre connectivity – your way

Ethernet Nordic enables you to reach an unrivalled number of Nordic end-customers with IP-based voice, video, multimedia, internet and IPv6, the new internet protocol, together with best-in-class performance and future-proof flexibility.

What it is

Ethernet Nordic offers Carrier Ethernet services including pointto- point EPL, point-to-multipoint EVPL and multipoint-to-multipoint EVP-LAN with connection speeds from 2 Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s.

Ethernet Nordic is a modern, future-proof and standardized service offering unique quality and coverage of the entire Nordic region. It eliminates technology restraints and provides easy access to new technology.

How it works

Ethernet Nordic operates with Layer 2 multiprotocol label switching (L2/MPLS) in TeliaSonera's high-capacity network, reaching an unrivalled number of Nordic end-customers.

You can establish several Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) via the same physical port, each with its own committed bandwidth and QoS separated from other EVCs.

Technical specifications

The Ethernet Virtual Private LAN service via Ethernet Nordic gives you all the benefits of IP/MPLS, but without the complexity. Ethernet Nordic committed services are securely transported in L2/MPLS tunnels within the TeliaSonera multiservice platform.

What you get

Ethernet Nordic means higher performance, greater futureproof flexibility and lower costs:

  • One Ethernet Nordic product for Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Norway
  • One point of contact (SPOC)
  • One agreement, one invoice
  • Standard, Gold or Platinum SLA
  • Simple competitive pricing
  • Standardized Carrier Ethernet
  • High quality, flexible network with the most extensive Nordic coverage
  • End-to-End Quality of Service Reach
  • All services over a single port
  • Ethernet point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipointto-multipoint
  • With or without customer premises equipment (CPE)
  • Traffic securely separated in VLANs
  • Lower installation, operation and upgrade costs