VPN Service - SP Dedicated APN

VPN Service - SP Dedicated APN

VPN services enable secure and reliable data exchange between mobile employees and the company network.

VPN services enable secure and reliable data exchange between mobile employees and the company network.

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Secure mobile connectivity – your way

Corporate employees such as sales representatives or technicians in the field need simple and secure mobile data access to the company network. Telia's Dedicated APN solution means you can provide your corporate customers with a flexible and secure mobile solution requiring nothing more than a Telia router in their local network.

Fibre connectivity – your way

Ethernet Nordic enables you to reach an unrivalled number of Nordic end-customers with IP-based voice, video, multimedia, internet and IPv6, the new internet protocol, together with best-in-class performance and future-proof flexibility.

What it is

SP Dedicated APN provides a private APN to connect and transfer data between the desired terminals or devices within a private, IP based network.

How it works

An APN has a unique ID that identifies the traffic. A dedicated APN is assigned to each SIM card, thus completely separating the private APN from other public APNs. This ensures a private network with a high degree of security. The secure link is established via a standard GSM/LTE connection.

The Dedicated APN is a flexible solution allowing the company to choose its own LAN subnet, an APN name and decide how traffic is routed. It requires no new hardware or software except for a router from Telia in the company's local network (MPLS). A secure IP concentrator peer is mandatory for the IPsec solution in order to terminate the tunnel in the home network. APN via MPLS or IPsec is the most secure mobile connectivity solution available on the market. Authentication is performed on two levels:

  • Access is given only to users of a dedicated APN if provisioned in the Telia billing system, HLR and GGSN.
  • Access to the company's internal LAN depends on the company's own authentication and security levels, e.g. on the RADIUS server or firewall.

IPsec is just as secure as MPLS, and there are no physical limitations on the tunnel bandwidth. Bandwidth, however, is dependent on the public internet capacity between the endpoints.

What you get

Telia delivers a closed connection from the Telia GGSN/GPRS Core network to the company's firewall or VPN gateway. Users are given dynamic IP addresses. Fixed IP addresses can be supported if there is a DHCP or RADIUS server located in the home network. Telia does not provide RADIUS or DHCP to manage static allocation of IP.

MPLS Solution

Data traffic is terminated directly at a router behind the company firewall, bypassing the public IP network.

IPsec solution

Data traffic is sent from the Telia core network via the public internet to a VPN gateway behind the company firewall using secure encryption.