We give innovative entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their ideas jump from concept to reality

What is JUMP?

JUMP aims to strengthen Denmark's drive for innovation by giving innovative entrepreneurs the final push needed for their idea to make the jump concept to start-up.

We offer three types of innovation processes, all of which aim to develop and accelerate entrepreneurs' technological business ideas through sparring, networking, capital and specific tools.

JUMP is run by Telia Danmark in collaboration with Startup Wise Guys.

Why participate in JUMP?

  • Your idea is too good not to be developed and realised
  • Invaluable sparring from the best mentors
  • Access to open API's and IoT toolboxes from Telia's systems
  • A unique network in the Danish business community
  • Potential partners for your continued innovation project
  • You can win up to DKK 300,000 for your project

Jump process

Apply now Await info Sold out Apply now COPENHAGEN7/9 AALBORG21/9 Apply now COPENHAGEN26/9 7/11 - 11/12 2017 13/10 - 4/11 7/10 - 9/10 2017 Apply now AARHUS22/9 IDEA GARAGES HACKATHON VALIDATION ACCELERATOR DEMO-DAY

Areas of innovation

JUMP is about innovation for better living: Innovative technology that makes a difference to people. In part or as a whole. Here and now or for many years to come.

The topic is broad and it is because we believe that today’s and tomorrow’s challenges are best solved by taking off the blinkers and looking for new solutions.

  • How can we guide families in a rapidly evolving online culture, where time for real life relations get shorter and shorter?
  • How can better living be achieved through the digitalization of the physical world, in the Internet of Things?
  • How can we fight the hazards and pitfalls of online communities and services for children and elderly?
  • How can wearable-technologies make a positive difference for people?