JUMP - conditions

JUMP - conditions


1.1. Telia Denmark (“Telia”) is organising a “JUMP” accelerator programme (“Accelerator”) on order to support the implementation of innovative IT ideas (“Idea”).
1.2. The Accelerator is organised through a specially created Accelerator website: http//www.telia.dk/JUMP, where detailed information is published concerning the Accelerator and those participating in it (including deadlines).
1.3. The Accelerator will be public, meaning that those who wish to participate in the Accelerator (“Participants”) have to be ready to publicly present their Ideas and implementation plans and methodologies.
1.4. The Ideas of the Participants will be evaluated by a body of mentors who will decide which of the Participants will enter the following rounds of the Accelerator, and will eventually decide on the overall winner of the Accelerator. The entire list of mentors is published on the Accelerator website. Decisions of the mentors made during the Accelerator are final and cannot be disputed.
1.5. Telia will support the winning Participant (team of Participants) of the Accelerator with a monetary prize (“Prize”). Information on the Prize is published on the Accelerator website.


2.1. In order to submit an Idea to the Accelerator, a Participant must submit information regarding themselves and their Idea in the relevant section of the Accelerator website, including their name and contact details, and a description of their Idea. A Participant may also be asked for detailed information in the later stages of the Accelerator.
2.2. By submitting an Idea and agreeing to these conditions, the Participant gives his/her consent to Telia for processing the Participant's data for the evaluation of the Ideas presented for the Accelerator, for forwarding the information to the body of mentors and to Telia’s Accelerator partners, for the identification of the submitters of the best Ideas and the winner, and for awarding the Prize.
2.3. In addition to clause 2.2, the Participant grants his consent to Telia for publishing the names of the submitters of the best Ideas and the winner, as well as a short descriptions of their Ideas published in media channels (e.g. the Accelerator website) and for using this information for marketing purposes.
2.4. The Participant gives Telia the right to use the contact details submitted by the Participant for contacting him/her in issues relating to the Accelerator, including the forwarding of information concerning the Accelerator to the Participant.


3.1. The submission by the Participant to the Accelerator, in connection with the Idea, of their works protected by copyrights or other intellectual property rights (“Works”) does not imply that such copyrights or other intellectual property rights to the Works would transfer to Telia. All copyrights or other intellectual property rights to the Works will remain the property of the Participant or other relevant holders of such rights unless otherwise agreed.
3.2. If the implementation of the Idea is based on Telias’s technologies and/or products offered on the market or constitutes development of such technologies and/or products, the ownership of copyrights or other intellectual property rights to the Works will be solved by separate agreement between the parties.
3.3. The Participant undertakes to independently take the necessary measures if the Participant wishes to protect the intellectual property related to the Works submitted by the Participant for the Accelerator (file trademark or patent applicants, etc.).
3.4. Telia shall not be responsible for any damage that may arise from the illegitimate use by third parties of the intellectual property related to the Work submitted for the Accelerator and thus disclosed.


4.1. By submitting an Idea for the Accelerator, the Participant confirms the accuracy of the data submitted by him/her, his/her wish to participate in the Accelerator and his/her consent to all the conditions established by Telia for the Accelerator.
4.2. In order to specify the circumstances related to participation in the Accelerator and also if this is required by amendments in legislation or case-law, a decision of a state institution, an injunction or a court judgement that has entered into force, Telia may amend the conditions of the Accelerator, the Accelerator website, its content, menu structures, functionalities and logic of use, instructions, etc. at any time without prior notice to the Participant. If the Participant does not agree to the amendments, he shall waive his participation in the further process of the Accelerator. If the Participant continues to participate in the further process of the Accelerator, he shall be deemed as consenting to the amendments.
4.3. Telia shall not compensate the Participants for any costs or damages related to the submission of Ideas and participation in any stage of the Accelerator.