3 teams have made it all the way

3 teams have made it all the way

By: Anne Mette Ehlers

By: Anne Mette Ehlers

From the Hackathon to Team Validation to our Accelerator. 3 of the 8 teams selected at the JUMP Hackathon in October stood yesterday as winners of the 5-week long Team Validation. The top-3 teams are: AddCycles, AvoGenie and Good Question (former CharityPoll). A big cheer also to the five teams which have also been part of the JUMP Team Validation during the past five weeks: Teamverse, LightUp, Minutes, YamiMami and ChatterBox. Keep up the good work and see you soon!

During the JUMP Team Validation we've been meeting weeklywith all eight teams. One team left on the way, but the seven remaining worked seriously and with dedication. As Morten Bentzen, CEO Telia Denmark, said yesterday, it was amazing the level of progress each of the teams had made during these weeks.

To choose the three winners the jury looked at criteria such as commitment to go all the way plus the extra mile to validate and make the start-up happen, progress during the past validation phase, and business model and scalability.

Next week we'll be working full-time with the three winning teams and we are looking forward to pushing things event further. The teams will be working daily at Telia Denmark headquarters in Copenhagen. On December 14 you'll have a chance to meet the teams and see their progress yourself – join us for the JUMP DemoDay, further information to be shared ASAP.

The three JUMP Team Validation winning teams

AddCycles is providing services of offline marketing by leasing out free bikes with advertisements on them to a targeted market segment. However, it is a bit more complex than that. The approach to the idea involves also technical matters of several kinds, such as GPS and signal monitoring. AddCycles is a datadriven company which provides reports based on data collected by their fleets of bikes. The potential customers are many and the the type of data collected as well.
The team which is currently based in Aalborg consists of Cosmin, Razvan, Andrei and Thomas.
AddCycles was one of the two runner-ups at the JUMP Hackathon in October 2016.

AvoGenie allows students and peer-reviewed tutors discover each other. They facilitate and turn the virtual one-to-one sessions into amazing experiences for teaching and learning in any subject. The web based community links learners and tutors offering convienient tools for both, and their goal is to make 1 to 1 virtual teaching available for everyone in the world.
The team is Awa, Adrian, Asger and Sorin. AvoGenie won the first prize of the JUMP Hackathon in October 2016.

Good Question (former CharityPoll) gives companies access to partnerships with NGOs in order to integrate CSR directly into an improved market research strategy. They combine donations and market research and by this generates a higher response rate plus adds to charity. The team consists of Anika, Philip and Tomas.
Good Question was one of the two runner-ups at the JUMP Hackathon in October 2016.

The five remaining JUMP Team Validation teams

LightUp solves the problem with not being able to work outside after dark. LightUp is a hassle free, battery operated and powerful light. By attaching light to a special designed drone light will shine from above. With one press on the button it will lift-off and hover above you, providing all the light you need to finish your work. You will be able to extend your outdoor activities after dark. No clumsy and wobbling poles, no getting frustrated about too short power cords or no existing power outlets. You can even pick and place it where you want or remotely adjust the height, to get a wider or more concentrated working area while in use.
The team is Lieuwe, Frederik, Marc and Stefano.

Minutes is a digital assistant for business professionals. It takes minutes of meetings for you - so you don't have to. Minutes will make sure everything is written down during the meeting and sends out minutes of the meeting – including action points - to all the participants immediately after. This will save you time and help you have more effective meetings.
The team consists of Claus, Dea, Mehmet and Alina.

Teamverse is a software which combines the efficiency of virtual meetings with the interactivity of in-person meetings. This enables colleagues to get together in a virtual workspace where they can talk, interact, and feel as if they are sharing the same space. When co-workers engage in phone or video conferences, some ideas suffer from lack of feedback and brainstorming or because they require a higher degree of interactivity. Teamverse solves this. The team is our biggest team and consists of Enes, Christian, Gabrial, Oleg, Robert, Jonas, Peter and Thais.

Yamimami evolves the traditional milk bottle and makes it easier, faster and more convinient to prepare the milk for your baby - no matter if you are at home or on the go. By redesigning the bottle you'll be able to heat and feed your baby in an instant! The team consists of Amine, Mahmoud, Alexander and Vanya.

Chatterbox is an online personal shopping service for children's clothes. They are changing the way parents shop for their children adding the service of a virtual personal shopper to the buyer process making it convenient and easy for parents to always choose the best outfit for their child. The team is Karabi and Nelli. The team decided during the team validation phase to postpone the project.