"I make dreams come alive"

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Haval van Drumpt went into a Telia Store in the late nineties and more-or-less demanded a job. He was very persistent and didn’t leave the store until he was promised an interview. Four interviews and a week later, he was working in the store. Seven years later, Haval had grown and developed his skills in the direction of where he wanted to be, and with great coaching from leaders had become the CEO of Halebop. Today, he has left Halebop and is leading Zitius, a fibre company within Telia.

”One of my greatest abilities is to make decisions and execute on them. In the early nineties, I deserted from the army in Iraq. It was tough times. At one point, I was chased not only but the army in cars, but had a helicopter hovering over me. When you are exposed to danger and serious situations like that, you quickly learn to take quick decisions and then stick to them. There simply is no room for hesitation.”


A fantastic journey

“After my chaotic escape from Iraq, I have had a superb journey with Telia. Since landing that job as a salesman in the Telia Store in Kungsgatan, Stockholm, I have made sure that I have grown and developed within the company. And this is one of the great things with Telia, there are so many fantastic projects going on, and if you want to grow, the opportunities are all there. My journey from the shop floor to Managing Director for Halebop in just seven years is a great testimony to that.”


I lead people to their dreams

“Being in a high position within a big company like Telia means that I am very well aware of targets, KPIs, strategies and all things corporate. And of course, I will make sure that we all meet our targets and KPIs, but I also make sure that the people in my team realise their dreams. Because in my mind, dreams are as important as KPIs when leading people.”


A family man

“When I am not working, I love spending time with my family. Lately, flying drones with my son has become a favourite hobby. I guess seeing the bigger picture is the common denominator. And seeing the bigger picture and inspiring people not just to follow targets and KPIs, but also help them to reach their own dreams is my role as a leader.”